The Alaska Wild Seafood Market started out as a drive through pick up stand reacting to the COVID-19 Pandemic as a means to get healthy protein out to feed our Alaskan neighbors and loved ones at bulk/wholesale prices and to keep our commercial fishing industry viable. 

The market demand for our wild Alaskan seafood vanished overnight due to social distancing, which resulted in the closure of schools, hotels, restaurants and bars. Our fisherman, neighbors, friends, and anyone associated with the restaurant industry instantly were faced with unprecedented economic headwinds due to unemployment and as well as potential health risks. 

The concept as a means to help our local community and to help ourselves by finding a new market to receive our Seafood products with a few texts on a Friday night.  The response was overwhelming and humbling through the thanks received.  

Living in Alaska, you already know the great taste and health benefits that eating Alaska wild seafood has to offer.  Now the bigger secret is out…you can now order the best Alaska Wild Seafood directly from our Processors with the convenience of local pick up. 

Place your order today and let our Alaska Wild Seafood Market, featuring Copper River Seafoods make your kitchen your new favorite restaurant at bulk/wholesale prices.

We will continue operations through the Pandemic with weekly orders available for drive through pick up on Fridays. 

Once we all make it through this battle, based on comments and popular demand,  we will continue to operate our Alaska Wild Seafood Virtual Market, bringing you weekly specials for the best and highest quality Alaska Wild Seafood at bulk/wholesale prices.